Joyce and Allan Driskell have been lifelong friends of Tricia’s family. They met in Dunwoody Georgia in 1962. He worked for Hudson Propane and provided propane to Tricia’s family for many years. Mr. Driskell took care of his customers and developed a trusting and lasting relationship with so many. The Clark family was one of those customers. That friendship grew for many years to come.

Allan and Joyce bought the home here in Hiawassee in 1983. It was a respite from busy Atlanta to enjoy the beautiful mountains of Lake Chatuge and long weekends with family and friends. He worships at McConnell Baptist Church where he has taught Sunday school for over 32 years. He and Joyce hosted many fish fries for church members, friends and family here at 50 Lakeview Circle. He eventually retired to live here in 1999 and this became his permanent home.

You see Allan Driskell is 87 now and is a picture of what a man should be. He is Godly, kind, generous, wise and the most loving man you will ever meet. He also just happens to be the best fisherman on Lake Chatuge. I am sure he has caught more fish out of Lake Chatuge than any other single person a live. In fact, his fishing boat is in the dock at Shady Rest where he fishes almost every morning. His boat will stay at this dock as long as he is able to fish the lake he loves so much.

Mr. Driskell was also a mentor and friend to my oldest son Chandler. I really believe Mr. Driskell had more influence on Chandler finishing college at Young Harris College than anyone. During the many fishing trips they took throughout college Mr. Driskell loved and encouraged Chandler as much as one person could. Joyce was always quick to feed this hungry college student when he would come over. A lot of learning and growing happened in that ole fishing boat. There was a lot of fish catching and memories that will last a lifetime for Chandler.

Tricia and I came by to visit him and Joyce about two years ago. Joyce had been diagnosed with dementia and was in failing health. When we drove in we found a surprise…the house was for sale. We had a good visit and Mr. Driskell explained he was putting it on the market because he was not sure they could take care of everything they needed to without the sale of the property. We were shocked it had come to this point.

As we were driving out of the driveway I looked at Tricia and said “Why don’t we buy this place so he and Joyce can stay here as long as they want to?” Tricia said she was thinking the same thing. You see, they had done so many nice things for others for so long we thought it was time someone do something nice for him. He had told us that he knew it was time to sell and that God had the perfect people to buy this place.

We immediately contacted his longtime friend and real estate agent Faron King. We told Faron we wanted to buy the house but we did not want Mr. Driskell to know it was us until a week before the closing. The condition in which we bought the house was for he and Joyce to stay in the house rent free for as long as they could. A week before the closing we met with Faron and Mr. Driskell to let him know it was us who were buying his house. As we walked up he said he knew it was the “White’s.” He said God is faithful he already knew that God picked us to do this for him. We were honored to be in a position to purchase the house and help the Driskell’s in this way. What a blessing it was to us.

He and Joyce where married 63 years and they lived in the house until her unfortunate death. They had enjoyed this home together for 34 years but after she died it was just not the same for Mr. Driscoll to live there. He was continually thinking he was imposing and that he was going to leave but we begged him to stay as long as he wanted to.

He did that for about a year until he called to tell me he was finally moving. He announced to us he was getting married and would be moving out. He had known a sweet lady Peggy West in his Sunday School class for over 18 years and they had started seeing each other and eventually decided to get married on March 25, 2018. He was out of the house by April 15, 2018. We began the renovation of the house to the evolution of Shady Rest.

It has been a labor of love for us for sure. We have put a lot of thought, time and care into every detail of this wonderful piece of property. We want you to have as much fun as the Driskell’s had for so many years. So, don’t be surprised if you see Mr. Driscoll when he comes to fish. Be sure to say hello to the man we love so much. God indeed knew what he was doing when he allowed our paths to cross. For that, we are very grateful!!!!!